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Woman, behold Your son! Son, behold your Mother!

Woman, behold Your son! Son, behold your Mother!

April 28, 2020

What enormous love! Jesus, bleeding to death from numberless wounds on the cross, is not focused on Himself and His own unspeakable pain and suffering. He is concerned for the welfare of His most precious possession: His Mother and His about-to-be redeemed flock. With His dying breath He entrusts us to His own Mother as Her children, thereby also making us His brothers and sisters. He is now not only our God, our Saviour, our Redeemer. We are now His family! His Mother is our Mother!

And His Mother, Mary, takes Her role of Motherhood very seriously. Since She was entrusted with the spiritual health and well-being of each and every one of us, She has never stopped coming to our aid in all our needs, guiding us, teaching us, sometimes reprimanding us, but always leading us back to Jesus. Over the last 2000 years She has appeared countless times, in every corner of the world, in order to bring us hope, to guide us back on the right path to God, to teach us how to pray. And in every place She appeared, She has left a memento of Her presence. Most often, it is a spring of healing water, such as in Lourdes, France or in Pochayiv, Ukraine. And Her children run to their Mother when they need healing, do they not?

But in all Her apparitions, Mother Mary always has a great lesson to teach us. When She appeared in Garabandal, Spain between 1961-1965, She brought a very grave message: She admonished us that we must return to the Ten Commandments, to a life of sacrifice and penance, to go to confession frequently, to visit Jesus in the Tabernacle as often as possible and, above all, to lead good, holy Christian lives. She warned us that, if we do not change, a great chastisement will come upon us. She also stressed the importance of reciting the Rosary daily and wearing Her brown scapular – our weapons against evil.
At the same time, Mother Mary wished to show us that She is here for us, to protect us, to guide us and help us in all our needs and difficulties. She wanted to remind us to be like little children, to believe like little children, to trust like little children, to run to Her with every need like little children, just as Jesus did when He was Her little boy. On several occasions, Mary appeared to the four girls in Garabandal carrying Baby Jesus in Her arms and letting the little visionaries hold Him and play with Him. Just before Her first appearance there, St. Michael the Archangel appeared to the girls to announce Our Lady’s coming. He appeared to them as a ten-year-old boy, but imbued with enormous strength. “Be like little children!

And what do little children do when they hurt themselves? They run to their Mommy. And often it is simply her kiss that makes everything better again, is that not true? So if in Lourdes and Pochayiv Our Lady left us healing waters, in Garabandal, Mother Mary left us Her healing kiss. When the four little visionaries were playing with Baby Jesus, they took little stones and pebbles and hid them in their hair or sleeves so Jesus could find them. Mother Mary kissed these pebbles and then She said that She preferred to kiss blessed objects. 

The people responded by bringing their crosses, medals, rosaries, holy pictures, prayer books, even blessed wedding rings. Mother Mary kissed them and returned them to their owners with a promise: that “through Her Kiss, Her Son, Jesus, would perform prodigies and miracles”.

Many thousands of these kissed objects have now traveled throughout the world. From the very first day, Mary’s kiss on these holy objects has healed people from all sorts of ailments. “The blind see, the deaf hear, cripples walk.” Jesus is also showing us His perfection as a Son: He, although eternal God, as Her perfectly obedient Son, never refuses His Mother and He always keeps His Mother’s promises. In the last nearly sixty years, Her Kiss has performed countless miracles all over the world. And WE HAVE HER KISS RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN PARISH OF STS. PETER AND PAUL IN SCARBOROUGH!!! Father Peter, as well as our parishioners, Dr. Michael and Helen Rozeluk who have been to Garabandal, have medals that were kissed by the Blessed Mother there. And every month in our church, on the last Saturday of the month, each and every one of you has the opportunity to respond to Mother Mary’s requests: to go to confession, to visit with Jesus and adore Him in the Blessed Sacrament, to participate in a Holy Liturgy for healing, to receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Following this, anyone who wishes may come forward to venerate one of the medals kissed by Mother Mary in Garabandal. And these medals have produced countless miraculous healings right here in our church! How? Through the Blessed Mother’s Kiss for Her little children. Are you suffering? Are you in pain? Are you in trouble? Run to Her with all of your needs! Be Her little children! Your Mother is right here waiting for you.

Woman, behold Your son! Son, behold your Mother!